‘giles & grace’ offers a wide range of services as well as our shop. These services include interior design consultations and call outs, mood boards, up-cycling, repainting / recovering, product sourcing and more – send us an inquiry on Facebook, Instagram, by email or phone – no matter how big or small it is, we would love to hear from you.  


Virtual accommodation available

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 If you’re looking for someone to do a total home makeover project, or maybe you want to give your home a fresh new look but don’t have that creative direction, even something as small as being unsure what colour to paint ‘that room’ – make an appointment for a consultation using our ‘Bookings’ page and we can cater to any queries you may have, or give that advice you may need. 

We offer our consultations by call out visitation and can facilitate consultations via Zoom meetings should that be preferred.


& Visual Merchandising 

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Rearrangement of rooms or room sections within your home using existing furnishings with the option to introduce new products and pieces to your space available.  

Commercially we offer interior styling in visual merchandising and window displays / seasonal installations.


Repainting & recovering

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 If you have a piece of furniture lying around that you’re not quite ready to get rid of, perhaps that ‘almost-new’ lounge set has become outdated, or you may want to give some old pieces a new lease of life for economical, sustainable or sentimental reasons but don’t know where to begin – it’s time to up-cycle. 

Up-cycling means taking your pieces and re-vamping them to as many or as little specifications as you desire – from a total re-design to recovering or simply repainting, no need to get your hands dirty, leave it with us.


Happy to source products with any required specifications

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We’re proud to source our products across Europe, taking the time to look under every nook and cranny to find those treasures that others don’t is what makes us special. If you are looking for a statement piece; a lamp, table, frame or rug for example – and we don’t happen to have just what you’re looking for, why not try our ‘product sourcing’ service; let us know what it is you want, and we will do the searching for you – it’s what we’re good at.